Zac Dalpe
Checkers broadcaster Jason Shaya checks in each week with his 10 Thoughts - a series of observations about the team and the hockey world in general. This week: the big trade and how rosters are shaping up in Charlotte and Carolina.

1) The trade of Zac Dalpe was surprising. He made the Canes’ roster out of training camp the past few years. Even last season when he wasn’t even one of the six players originally recalled for training camp in the lockout-shortened season, he scratched and clawed his way onto the team. He is immensely talented and never would have cleared waivers. So, I don’t know how this move will look in hindsight for Carolina. Nevertheless, it is a fresh start for one of the best players I have had the privilege of broadcasting in my career.

2) I also think it’s important to mention that Zac is an absolutely terrific kid. He is one of the hardest-working players you will come across and is very respectful. He should have a great time playing for Vancouver, his boyhood team. I sincerely wish him the best of luck.

Michal Jordan
3) With Brett Bellemore in Carolina, the defense of the Checkers is going to rely heavily on Michal Jordan. Last season was a breakout year for the good Czech boy. I imagine he will once again play NHL games this season if he, as we expect, continues to advance his development.

4) There will not be a better goaltending tandem in the AHL than the two men in Charlotte: Justin Peters and Michael Murphy. I am guessing that Peters starts game one and Murphy starts game two. Where it goes from there, I don’t even think head coach Jeff Daniels knows for certain. In the final analysis, it should make our team harder to beat every night.

5) The indication is that the first line of Boychuk-Rask–Palushaj is really clicking early. Their chemistry will be needed for offense because I think it will be difficult to manufacture the deeper you go on the depth chart.

6) Tough to ask a rookie like Rask to handle first-line center duty, but everyone believes he is very capable of being in that position. There were quite a few people who thought he would have been better off staying in Charlotte last year because he was quite effective.

7) Chris Terry became the final forward cut for Carolina and will be in the lineup for Charlotte on Friday in Oklahoma. He obviously has proved he can play in the NHL and, based on need, I’d think he is their first forward called up to Raleigh.

8) We are once again broadcasting every single game live and we have renewed our affiliation with ESPN 730 AM. You can listen to every game on the Checkers Tune-In Radio app, stream the game through or go to for more links. Send tweets to @Jason_Shaya during the games and we will read your comments or answer questions live.

9) I dislike the new goaltending standards very much and I completely disagree with the basis on which the league thought changes should be made. I am also fully aware no one cares what I think but I feel it necessary to launch an informal criticism here.

10) Brett Sutter may remain with the Canes all season, and I hope he does because he is perfect for them in that role. If he does stay with Carolina, who will be the next Checkers captain?
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