Jason Shaya
Checkers broadcaster Jason Shaya checks in each week with his 10 Thoughts - a series of observations about the team and the hockey world in general. This week: consistency, goalies and more goalies, Don Cherry and more.

1) The introduction to last Saturday’s Hockey Night in Canada as the Leafs played Montreal was epic. No one does it like CBC.

2) Jeff Daniels called on his team not to be “one hit wonders” after an exciting and hard-fought victory Saturday against Milwaukee. Nevertheless, in spite of the loss the following afternoon, one good bounce for the Admirals resulted in defeat and neither team had much energy to give in the final period.

3) With the exception of Rick DiPietro, who wasn’t able to rediscover his best with the Checkers, the goaltenders for the team have been very good this season. Every guy has given his team a chance to win. I watched Mike Murphy skate this week and he looks the best I’ve seen him in a while. It may be strange to go through seven goalies in one season already but credit to those who have been total professionals along the way and have done their job to the best of their ability.

Sean Dolan
4) It took about an hour and a half into Daniel Alfredsson’s return to Ottawa for the fans to start booing him. That’s longer than I anticipated.

5) Very tough break for Sean Dolan who will be out of action for the time being after sustaining an injury on Saturday night. He will be missed in the room and on the ice. He does all the little things to win and it’s up to others to pick up the slack he leaves behind.

6) After reading of the Rogers takeover of NHL hockey starting next season, one of the criticisms that’s been charged to Don Cherry is that a new company won’t put up with someone so “outspoken.” Does hockey need more ordinary, boring voices that say nothing of importance and simply kill the clock with their analysis until a commercial break? Don Cherry is a contrarian, which automatically makes him a target. But in the marketplace of ideas, his segment is among the most viewed.

7) When Milwaukee defenseman Joe Piskula was called up the day before Saturday’s game to play for the Nashville Predators, he actually lost money. The state of Tennessee levies a “Professional Privilege Tax” which cost players $2,500 with a cap of $7,500 annually. I don’t need to write out my opinion of that here. By now, you should know.

8) When Paul Branecky and I take shots at each other on Twitter and during the broadcast, rest assured, we are not joking around. Paul is a terrible person.

Editor's Note: Shaya smells.

9) Derek Wilkinson said on Saturday’s TV broadcast that it’s likely Anton Khudobin will come to Charlotte for a conditioning stint sooner than later. He won’t be unfamiliar with TWCA because he’s played here many times during his stints with Florida and Texas in the ECHL.

10) Two games into the 10-game home stand and the team is 1-1. Let’s be clear; this is the most important stretch of hockey which could determine the long-term fate of the Checkers playoff hopes.
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