With Checkers Pass, you can get access to 10 select games for just $49!

The Checkers Pass offer is no longer available. Purchasers can still find FAQ's and contact information below

Games in this pass run from Nov. 21-Dec. 17 and include great promotional nights including two $1 Beer Nights presented by Bud Light and two prime Saturday night match-ups. Full game details can be found below.

Please note that this Checkers Pass does not offer the same seat for all 10 games. You will be issued a seating location based on availability come game day.

Checkers Pass Games

Date Time Opponent Promos
Tuesday, Nov. 21 7 p.m. Belleville #GivingTuesdayCLT
Wednesday, Nov. 22 7 p.m. Belleville $1 beer presented by Bud Light
Saturday, Nov. 25 6 p.m. Providence Social Media Night, Homegrown Series, Slap Shot Saturday
Sunday, Nov. 26 1 p.m. Providence Teddy Bear Toss
Friday, Dec. 1 7:15 p.m. Springfield Beach Night
Sunday, Dec. 3 1 p.m. Springfield  
Tuesday, Dec. 12 7 p.m. Lehigh Valley  
Wednesday, Dec. 13 7 p.m. Lehigh Valley $1 beer presented by Bud Light
Saturday, Dec. 16 6 p.m. Laval Star Wars Night
Sunday, Dec. 17 1 p.m. Laval  

How it Works

  1. Purchase your Checkers Pass online through Ticketmaster. You'll receive an email with instructions prior to the first game.

  2. Download the official Charlotte Checkers mobile app. In the menu, select Checkers Pass to register with the email address you used to purchase the pass.

  3. Once registered, you will be able to access your tickets and seat locations two hours prior to each game.

  4. Use your mobile pass when entering Bojangles' Coliseum and enjoy the game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which phones are supported?
A: The pass is supported by iPhones and Android phones. The Charlotte Checkers app must also be downloaded for use of the Pass.

Q: Can I use an iPod touch?
A: No, we only support iPhones and Android phones, not iPods.

Q: Why do I need to use an iPhone or Android phone?
A: Checkers Pass is a mobile-only program. There are no printed tickets. Admission to Bojangles’ Coliseum and seat assignments will be managed through the app.

Q: Can I purchase the Checkers Pass if I don't have an iPhone or Android phone?
A: Not at this time. You will be unable to enter Bojangles’ Coliseum.

Q: Are Checkers Pass tickets refundable?
A: We're sorry, all Checkers Pass purchases are non-refundable.

Q: Which games are included with my Checkers Pass?
A: Your Checkers Pass includes tickets to 10 games starting on Nov. 21 and ending on Dec. 17.

Entering Bojangles’ Coliseum

Q: How do I get into Bojangles’ Coliseum with my Checkers Pass?
A: Your ticket for all games can be found in the Charlotte Checkers app. Download the Checkers app and select Checkers Pass in the menu section. Log in with the email address you used to purchase the Pass and your mobile phone number. This will provide you with a digital barcode that you can use to scan for admission into Bojangles’ Coliseum.

Q: What if I can't see the Checkers Pass tab in the menu?
A: Please ensure you are updated to the latest version of the Charlotte Checkers mobile app. You can also register directly by visiting checkerspass.com on your phone.

Q: How does my guest scan in?
A: All barcodes will be on one device inside the Checkers app. If you have a group of two, for example, both barcodes can be scanned from one device. You and your guest will need to arrive at Bojangles’ Coliseum together.

Checkers Pass Seat Locations

Q: Am I guaranteed a seat for all games with the Checkers Pass?
A: Yes

Q: What if I lose the text message with my pass?
A: If you can't access your Checkers Pass via text message, simply access the Checkers app and select Checkers Pass from the menu.

Q: Where can I expect to sit each game with my Checkers Pass?
A: Seat locations will vary by game. For some games you may be at center ice and for others you may be in the Attack Zone(s).

Q: How do I get my seat location(s)?
A: Your seat locations will be delivered before each game. If you plan on attending the game, press accept and you will be assigned seat locations. If you don’t plan on attending, no action is required.

Q: Can I sell my pass for games that I do not attend?
A: No, passes are non-transferable.

Need Additional Help?

Email your questions to [email protected] or visit expapp.com/contact at any time to receive a support response.
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