CheckMate Ashley
Favorite song? Anything country! But right now, Thomas Rhett- It goes like this
Favorite subject in school? Math
Favorite ice cream flavor? Well since I’m lactose intolerant I don’t eat a lot of ice cream but as a kid I loved a chocolate/vanilla twist with sprinkles!
Your very best feature or characteristic? My eyes and my will to always do the right thing
Strongest talent? My memory. I have a great ability to memorize things and learn them quickly
Free time activity? SLEEP! Haha and catch up on all my shows
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? I would love to travel to Finland and explore where my family is from
Favorite color? Purple or orange
If you could be any animal, which one and why? A shark because they can survive pretty much anything
Favorite sport to watch? Baseball. Go Tigers!
Favorite sport to play? Dance! I love to perform
If you had to be stranded on a deserted island with one person? A vegetarian, so when we get hungry they wouldn’t try and eat me!
Furthest you have traveled? The Bahamas on a cruise last year
Weirdest thing to ever happen to you? Well…I must have a twin or triplet out in the world because I have been stopped more times than I can count with people remembering me from places I’ve never been…etc.
Favorite cereal? Coco puffs!
Are you creative in any way? Yes! I love to make crafts and bake so I can decorate
Why be a CheckMate? I had just moved to Charlotte and didn’t really know anyone. Dance has always been a passion of mine but I wanted to be a part of something bigger than just dancing for myself. I wanted to make friends and start a new journey in the south doing what I love and helping out the community and others while doing it.
Favorite memory since becoming a CheckMate? Making the team! I’ll never forget that day
If you could be a cartoon character, who and why? Tweety Bird
Least favorite chore? The dishes! I can make a bathroom sparkle, but please don’t make me do the dishes!
Favorite way to exercise? I love group workouts. Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga, Barre Classes…etc
Favorite quote? “People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forgot the way you made them feel”
Hardest thing you've ever done? Having to step out of my comfort zone to reach my goals in life
If you could meet anyone, living or dead? Someone who has positively impacted the world