Charlotte Checkers CheckMates


CheckMate Christina
Favorite song? Run the world (GIRLS) by Beyonce
Favorite subject in school? DANCE – it was my release from the other subjects ;)
Favorite ice cream flavor? Mint Chocolate
Your very best feature or characteristic? My best feature would have to be my hair, it’s great for all the hair tosses on the ice
Strongest talent? I can speak fluently in Filipino
Free time activity? I like to catch up on Sports Center
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? England. I'd like to go visit my old house and appreciate the history of England now that I’m older.
Favorite color? Pink and Purple
If you could be any animal, which one and why? A fox, because then I could say there’s a song written about me
Favorite sport to watch? MLB Baseball! Go Cards
Favorite sport to play? Cheerleading. I grew up cheering, stunting and tumbling were my favorite.
If you had to be stranded on a deserted island with one person? Luke Kuechly
Furthest you have traveled? I lived in Japan for eight years
Favorite cereal? Honey Nut Cheerios
Are you creative in any way? I’m creative when it comes to fashion and my personal style! My motto is “If you’re not matching, that means you’re doing it right"
Why be a CheckMate? There’s no greater feeling than being able to perform and entertain! The adrenaline that rushes through my body before each performance is a feeling I can't get anywhere else.
Favorite memory since becoming a CheckMate? My favorite memory would have to be last years Jr. CheckMate Day! Being able to mentor and spend a whole day with young girls that look up to us was such a great time! I’ve made some long term friendships with some juniors since then.
If you could be a cartoon character, who and why? Pocahontas
Least favorite chore? Cleaning the shower
Favorite way to exercise? DANCE
Favorite quote? “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”
Hardest thing you've ever done? Leaving home and moving to a new city
If you could meet anyone, living or dead? David Freese