CheckMate Rachel
Favorite song? Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder
Favorite subject in school? Math…I love solving for “x”!
Favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla Salted Caramel
Your very best feature or characteristic? My energetic personality!
Strongest talent? DANCING
Free time activity? I love getting caught up in an amazing book for hours.
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Bora Bora
Favorite color? Blue
If you could be any animal, which one and why? A lion, because they are fierce and strong, and I’m a Leo!
Favorite sport to watch? Hockey and football are tied for this one
Favorite sport to play? I’m a much better cheerleader than I am an athlete!
If you had to be stranded on a deserted island with one person? My mom, obviously
Furthest you have traveled? San Francisco, CA, to surprise my sister on her birthday
Weirdest thing to ever happen to you? Being asked this question on the spot!!! Awkward!!! I have no idea.
Favorite cereal? Honeycombs. I’ll eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Are you creative in any way? I am a doodle queen. I have notebooks full at work of everything from little hearts and stars to lyrics.
Why be a CheckMate? Because being able to perform every week with my best friends is a dream come true!
Favorite memory since becoming a CheckMate? Being named captain this year for a second season. It is such an honor to be a leader for the team.
If you could be a cartoon character, who and why? Pepper Ann, because according to her theme song she’s her own biggest fan.
Least favorite chore? Folding laundry. I have piles and piles of clean clothes!
Favorite way to exercise? Dancing with my girls at practice every week
Favorite quote? "I believe in music the way some people believe in fairy tales. I believe once upon a time, we heard the music, and followed it."
Hardest thing you've ever done? Going through physical therapy. It takes a lot of work to get back to 100% after getting an injury.
If you could meet anyone, living or dead? Lauren Conrad. I feel like we’re best friends after watching her for so long on TV.