In the Chubby's Checklist End of Grade school program, Chubby will put on an interactive show filled with a special emcee, Charlotte Checkers highlights and a CheckMate to help students prep like players for their end of year tests, including EOG and the PASS. Test-taking skills, motivation, and health are just a few of the entertaining and educational programs that our team will present to students.

The show will consist of a 30 – 40 minute program with video and personal and test-taking interaction. Test skills will focus on the following:
  • Have a #2 Pencil!
  • Be on time to school!
  • Wear comfortable clothes!
  • Keep trying, go back to tough questions!
  • Eat a healthy breakfast!
  • You can do it, stay positive!
The cost of the program is $250 with bookings available in March, April and May. Contact Maggie Reaves at (704) 444-1889 or [email protected] to learn more.
CheckMate appearance is based on availability