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Today, children experience a very different lifestyle compared to 30 years ago. Eating fast food was rare, snacking between meals was considered a treat and kids played for hours after school. Our society has changed immensely. Afternoons are spent in front of a television screen and computer and gym classes and after school programs are being cut. But it simply doesn’t have to be that way. We can help our children lead healthier lives by educating them about the importance of eating right and staying active, which will enable them to grow and pursue their dreams!

The Charlotte Checkers PowerPLAY program was developed to help encourage our youth to live a healthy lifestyle. This program includes a nutrition presentation and floor hockey lesson, as well as a four-week diet and exercise tracker. Throughout the program, teachers will encourage their students to fill out a wellness log recording healthy eating goals and physical activities completed each day. Each student who successfully logs their goals and achievements during the month will receive a free ticket to a Charlotte Checkers game.

In PowerPLAY’s first year, the Checkers have teamed up with Weddington Elementary School and P.E. Teacher, Keith Kraemer. “I think it’s great for our school to have an opportunity to partner with the Charlotte Checkers to promote nutrition and exercise in our schools,” said Kraemer. “Having members of the front office and players at our school to promote healthy eating and exercise was exciting for our kids and staff. We look forward to seeing both short term and long term results from this PowerPLAY program.”

If your school is interested in being a part of the Charlotte Checkers PowerPLAY program, please contact Amber Sersen at 704-444-1875 or

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