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The Science of Hockey program creates an enjoyable learning experience while explaining the elements of science that exist in hockey to fourth and fifth grade math and science students.

Science of HockeyThe Checkers visit several schools throughout the season and incorporate the elements of science in hockey, such as changing states of water, transfers of energy, forces, and more, into a presentation. The presentation includes a video demonstrating the science behind skating, shooting, passing, goaltending and ice-resurfacing, among other topics, and a thorough explanation and demonstration by Checkers staff.

After the video, the students conduct an experiment on force and friction, where they will apply their knowledge of science and math to make predictions, conclusions and solve for averages. Following the presentation, the students and staff take part in a question and answer session.

Teachers receive a full packet of the information covered in the presentation, a copy of the video shown, and extended learning material that they can choose to hand out to the students for an extra in-class assignment or as homework.

For more information on how your school can be involved, contact Maggie Reaves at [email protected] or 704-444-1889