Producer of Creative Services

Ben Carter
Carter originally joined the Checkers in 2011 as a game-day photographer and videographer. After two seasons of shooting for the team, he transitioned to a full-time position as producer of creative services in 2013. In his current role, he is responsible for video production, photography, design and a variety of the team's other creative needs.

After attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Ben spent six years making records and touring the country with his band, playing "everything from VFW halls to arenas." Outside of the Checkers, he is a freelance photographer specializing in weddings and lifestyle portraits.


Hometown Born in the suburbs of Chicago but North Carolina is home
College and major University of North Carolina at Wilmington/Nope
Favorite sports team Hate to sound like a total homer but it's the Carolina Hurricanes
Random fact about yourself I spent 6+ years after college driving around the country in a van playing music for a living. And by "a living", I mean barely scraping by and sleeping on people's couches
Favorite dessert The meal that precedes dessert
Best thing about your job Freedom to create. I rarely hear the word "no". A lot of people in creative jobs can't say the same.
Hobbies Travel, cooking, music, cameras
One place you've always wanted to visit Japan
Last place you went on vacation Thailand
Ranch or blue cheese? Blue cheese. How is this even a discussion? We're not in middle school
Favorite pizza topping I have many but my favorite pizzas have way too much garlic on them
Pets 2 cats. Steve and Eva
Favorite Checkers memory The move to the Coliseum last summer. Everything changed for the better. Best thing we could have done.
Previous jobs Freelance photography and video, bartending, waiting tables