Nicholas Niedzielski

Director of Communications

[email protected]

Niedzielski, who joined the Checkers' communications department in July 2014, is responsible for managing the team's social media accounts and writing content for the team website and press releases, as well as maintaining statistical records and biographical information on the team.

Niedzielski graduated from Texas State University in 2013 with a degree in Mass Communication-Electronic Media. He spent time as the broadcast intern with the Round Rock Express AAA baseball team in 2013 and was a media relations intern with the AHL's Texas Stars during their Calder Cup-winning 2013-14 season.


Hometown Houston, TX
College and major Texas State University with a major in Mass Communication-Electronic Media and a minor in Media Studies
Favorite sports team Houston Texans
Random fact about yourself My senior year my high school hockey team won the city championship for the noted hockey hotbed of Houston, TX, in large part thanks to my contributions of zero offense but a whole lot of heart and grittiness
Favorite dessert Pizza
Best thing about your job I get paid to watch hockey
Hobbies Trying to convince Jason Shaya that blink-182 is a better and more influential band than Metallica ever was
One place you’ve always wanted to visit The moon. Seems cool.
Last place you went on vacation Atlanta
Ranch or blue cheese? Ranch because blue cheese is gross and I will not cave to the demands of Buffalo natives
Favorite pizza topping Pepperoni
Pets A black lab named Dory back in Texas
Favorite Checkers memory Winning a Calder Cup
Previous jobs I worked at a Vans store from when I was 17 to when I graduated college and pretty much spent all the money I made there on shoes
Community Initiative International House