Charlotte Checkers mobile app
Download the Charlotte Checkers app for iOS and Android to get breaking news alerts, the ability to view the team's schedule and buy tickets and to play our brand new Top Line game!

With the new Top Line feature, you can earn points when your favorite players do! Simply select a group of players during a game and change it as often as you'd like. In addition to getting points when your players record a goal, assist or shot on goal, you can also earn points by checking in and whenever special badges are available! You can redeem your points for prizes, discounts and experiences in the reward store at any time.

Just search for Charlotte Checkers to complete your free download today.

Top Line / Reward Store FAQ

How do the points work?
You get points when the players do! Choose a line and if one of those players gets points, you will too. You can switch up your line at any point during the game but you only gain the points if you have the line selected at the time of the goal/assist/shot on goal.

Where do I see my point totals?
Point totals for individual games are in the bottom left corner (when looking at your chosen line) and overall point totals are shown in the top right corner.

I have enough points for a reward, now what do I do?
Check out the reward store and decide which prize you want. Click “Redeem” and then visit either the ticket information table or merchandise stand (whichever the directions state) and a staff member will give you your prize.

Why can't I check in?
Location services must be enabled to check in. Please ensure that location services for the app are turned on. If the Checkers are home, you must be at the game to check in. Checking in is only available at home games.

Can I play even though I'm not at the game?
Yes. Please note that, if the Checkers are at home, you will not be able to check in if you are not at the game. You can play along from anywhere while the team is playing.

Can I redeem a prize even though I'm not at the game?
You may redeem a prize at any time, but keep in mind that you can only claim your prize at a Checkers home game. Most prizes cannot be shipped unless otherwise noted.

Will the same prizes be in the Reward Store throughout the whole season?
Some prizes will stay the same but for the most part, the prizes will be changing. Check back often to see what's new!

I’m having technical issues with the app.
First, try refreshing the app and see if that helps. If that doesn’t work, then check the App Store on your phone to make sure the app is updated. Still not working? Click “Support” in the menu bar.